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Group Profile

“With our work we?build reliable air bridges for people across the world to?exchange products of?their work.
We?change the air logistics concept using our unique capabilities.
We?are confident that we?will reach our goals by?facilitating the success of?each employee
that would result in?the overall success of?the company.

Volga-Dnepr Group:

  • the world leader in?the unique, oversize and heavy cargo market, successfully representing the Russian airfreight industry in?the international market since 1990;
  • three leading Russian all-cargo carriers: Volga-Dnepr Airlines and AirBridgeCargo Airlines —honored with the prestigious “Wings of?Russia” national aviation award on?many occasions, and Atran Airlines?— with its history starting back in?1942;
  • multinational team of?3,500 employees in?nine countries.

The Group’s core businesses are charter cargo operations using unique AN-124-100 and IL-76TD-90VD heavy transporters (Volga-Dnepr Airlines) and scheduled cargo operations using the fleet of?Boeing 747 (AirBridgeCargo Airlines) and Boeing 737 (Atran Airlines) freighters. The synergy achieved through combination of?these businesses greatly expands the reach and flexibility of?air logistics solutions available to?clients and enables the Group to?sustainably grow and effectively compete in?the global air cargo market. Aircraft MRO services (Volga-Dnepr Technics) in?Russia, Germany and the United Arab Emirates comprise the third core business of?Volga-Dnepr Group.

Volga-Dnepr Group Engineering and Logistics Center (ELC) works 24/7/365 and provides customers with comprehensive logistics services. ELC professionals have over 20?years of?experience in?the air cargo industry.

Volga-Dnepr Group also includes companies which provide customers and partners with insurance, consulting and educational services. Volga-Dnepr Moscow LLC acts as?the managing company and is?in?charge of?strategic management of?all structural units within the Group.

Volga-Dnepr pursues the strategy of?leadership which is?built around promotion of?the “Cargo Supermarket” concept and contemplates for mutually complementary use of?the best Russian and Western transport aircraft. In?its business initiatives and strategic development, the Group advocates for the principles of?care for the future, high professionalism, client-centric approach, financial stability and transparency, safety and leadership.

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