Up to 20 tons cost-effective mid-range cargo freighter

Boeing 737-400 – the most suitable freighter for mid-range cargo shipment

Boeing 737BCF?

Boeing 737BCF is?a?twin-engine medium-haul airplane that is?perfectly suited to?short and mid-range routes. It?is?able to?carry up?to?23 tons and 141 m3 of?cargo to?a?distance of 3,700?kilometers.

The airplane is?equipped with a?main deck side cargo door and a?loading system enabling to?stow 11 standard 2235×3175?mm aviation pallets and containers in?the cargo hold.

Boeing 737BCF is?a?converted passenger Boeing 737-400. Volga-Dnepr Group operates 4 Boeing 737-400SF and one Boeing 737-800BCF in its fleet.

Boeing 737-400SF performance characteristics:

  • Maximum take-off weight: 65?tons
  • Maximum payload: 20?tons
  • Full-load range: 2,800?km

Boeing 737-800BCF performance characteristics:

  • Maximum take-off weight: 79 tons
  • Maximum payload: 23 tons
  • Full-load range: 3,700 km

Boeing 737-400SF
Length Height Wingspan
m m m
737-400SF 36,4 11,07 28,88
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